Molly Nilsson (DE) live at Artemisia Studios

Wednesday  27 March  2019  6:00 PM    Wednesday  27 March  2019 10:00 PM
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Last update 28/03/2019

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MOLLY NILSSON (Berlin, Germany)
Molly Nilsson makes her debut in Memphis at Artemisia Studios. Swedish songwriter and head of independent label Dark Skies Association, Nilsson's approach to synthpop is one of revelation and cathartic resolve.
Outside Source
(Genre Adjacent Sounds)
Optic Sink - Synth Experimentalists
(members of NOTS / A55 Conducta)
Sounds at 9PM
"After a cancelled flight I found myself stranded at the Tokyo airport overnight. Between my interrupted bench naps the surroundings found their way into my dreams, particularly the big banners in the departure hall stating: 2020. Not aware that they were announcing upcoming Olympic games, my imagination wandered. 2020, a leap year. The year of the rat, the election. Perfect vision. The year of hindsight. The repetition, the ritual of the superstitious. A spell cast on the approaching future;; not yet there, but close enough to be seen with full clarity. The year itself seems to draw a circle around its followers, as to protect anyone who dares enter. And it all begins on a late-­Capitalist night…" - Molly Nilsson

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