Monthly Breathwork - Breath of Bliss Ceremony

Monthly Breathwork - Breath of Bliss Ceremony
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Sat 6 June 2020
Saturday 6 June 2020
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Breath is our very own natural plant medicine; the quality of your breath determines the quality of your life and the great ancient yogis knew and developed a deep relationship with the breath. Breath of Bliss is an invitation to explore your relationship with your breath creating more prana, chi, life force simply by consciously connecting with your breath. Your breath is a natural gateway way to deepen your own levels of self-love, peace, stillness, happiness and freedom. Expand your understanding and relationship with this superpower. Flood your body with oxygen, connect to more vitality, power and potential, clarity and creativity and energise your life, goals and dreams.

Breathwork assists you to integrate all parts of yourself, so that you are fully present with what is moment to moment. We use conscious connected breathing, a deep, circular breathing technique, to help you bring your awareness to the parts of you that are limiting, or that no longer serve you. These parts can then be gently acknowledged, understood & integrated, so that they no longer have an effect on you. This is a powerful technique that can help alleviate aches & pains, trauma, negative patterns and beliefs, and many other problems. It will help you open to more acceptance, compassion and belonging, to find forgiveness, and experience greater fulfillment and happiness.

Breathwork is simple and safe and. We breathe lying down, so this practice is available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or experience. The conscious connected breathing technique we use opens us to more life force 'prana' energy. This helps to rejuvenate the body, clear energy pathways, and release physical and emotional toxins and blockages.

We will do an hour of circular continuous breathing, explore movement exercises, and share integration and reflection time. Come and explore the emotional, spiritual and transpersonal realms and come home to your own truth, in the company of a caring community of breathers.

 Greater participation with the breath can open you up to:

- greater connection confidence and self-esteem

- open up to your own guide within

- open to healing and creativity

- reduce stress and promote relaxation

- improve sleep

- strengthen the immune system

- support relief with existing health problems

- promote feelings of aliveness, peace

- clear blocks to success in all areas

- access more magic, love and gratitude



Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Wear comfortable loose clothes your water bottle, bring an eye patch and a sarong or light weight blanket for comfort.


Tickets $30 per person (direct payment) 

Tickets $32.74 per person (Eventbrite fees included) 

RSVP is essential as places are limited and payment will confirm your space.

Please make an EFT to:

Name of account: Nourished Space

BSB: 064121

ACCOUNT Number: 10304364

(Please place your name on the transfer or shoot me a copy of the transfer)

 “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh,

With love of the breath  Fi Galloway x


 ABOUT FIONA GALLOWAY: Fiona Galloway is a trained Breathwork Facilitator with Breath of Bliss from Australia with a passion for using connected breathing, movement and sound, to activate, cleanse and revitalise our bodies to their natural way of being. Fiona is a Yoga Teacher and Certified Emotional Anatomy Consultant. Fiona is passionate about building a strong relationship with to support health and well-being and reduce day to day stress in life. At the Breath of Bliss Ceremonies, we explore using the breath to connect and remember with kindness the connection to ourselves and others. To remember the ancient wisdom of our elders and reveal more of each individual’s greatness. Her mission is to expand individual’s awareness to their highest potential with the support of deepening the relationship with breath, aimed at connecting to self-love, self-compassion and unity at the core of each of us. Fiona has a vast experience in a range of modalities that will support the deepening of each person’s experience in her practice. "The quality of your breath determines the quality of your life" be generous with yourself! More info:


Breath of Bliss Academy is a professional training institute offering a 200-hour Breathwork Group Facilitator Certification Program. Seminars are created and taught by Christabel Zamor with her core faculty of somatic, tantric and shamanic experts. We empower heart-centered leaders to get into their bodies, claim their voices and create life-changing transformative events. Our small group trainings have shakti awakening practices, hands-on learning, teaching opportunities and personalized feedback. We have a team of 67 trained facilitators teaching around the globe. Breath of Bliss is a company member of the International Breathwork Foundation.More info on Breath of Bliss:

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Aslan House
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Aslan House
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