NeuroDiversity: Awareness and Support using Therapeutic Essential Oils

Monday  27 May  2019  7:00 PM    Monday  27 May  2019 8:30 PM
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Last update 28/05/2019

This introductory essential oils class is designed for families, carers, educators as well as adult individuals living with neuro-diversity. Perhaps you have heard of essential oils and have been curious to try but haven't known where or how to start...? This class is for you...

You are invited to learn about effective and natural ways to support individuals living on a spectrum or with brain injury. Adults and children with FASD, ASD, SPD, ADHD and more... share difficulties with executive function, memory, sensory processing, sleep, mood disorders, self-regulation and more...

Come learn in a supportive and understanding environment about how therapeutic essential oils can help support and improve the experience of the world for neuro-diverse individuals. 

This is a fun, relaxed and educational class for those new to essential oils.

Essential oils can help support healthy cellular immune function, digestive health, brain function and nervous system function - making them a powerful addition to support protocols helping with sleep, focus, anxiety and behaviour.

Sumitra Birch is an FASD/Neuro-diversity advocate and parent, and she will share her experiences using pure essential oils to support her family and loved ones for:

  • Immune and digestive support
  • Sleep
  • Focus, attention & memory
  • Mood & stress management
  • Emotional support & regulation
  • Compassion and carer fatigue

You will also find out about what sets doTERRA apart from the rest, and how to get quality, potent therapuetic grade oils at wholesale prices... Sumitra can help you tailor options to your needs and budget.

This is a comfortable, understanding & casual class, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions specific to your individual concerns.

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free oil or sample blend with new accounts*.

(*conditions apply)

Pure, Therapeutic grade Essential Oils are safe, extremely effective, easy to use and affordable.
Come along to hear how Essential Oils work and how to incorporate them into daily routine/protocol for tangible support.
Tickets do need to be booked due to limited space.

Please Note: Venue is closed for trading during class time.

NB. This is an introductory essential oils class, for those who don't yet have a doTERRA wholesale account.

Special OFFER: 20% off The Home Essentials Kit (pictured) and selected other kits.

*This is a limited one-time offer only for April/May 2019

For any further information please contact the organiser.

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