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Monday  28 January  2019  12:00 PM    Friday  15 February  2019 11:59 PM
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Last update 16/02/2019

Växjö UNA is now looking for engaged board members for the working year 2019 (Feb 2019-Feb 2020)!
As a board member you will have the opportunity to make a difference on a local level as well as globally. You will learn about planning and executing events, marketing, representation and of course, about UN-related issues.
The applications should include:
- Your resume/CV.
- Your personal letter, which should include three main parts. 1) A description of who you are. 2) What position you are applying for and why you are suitable for the position. 3) What you will gain from becoming part of the board, and what the board will gain from making you a board member.
- The application should be written in English.
- Send your application to no later than February 15th.
Requirements for the board positions:
- A membership at Svenska FN-förbundet (The United Nations Association of Sweden). If you are not yet a member, you can join by following the link:
- All board positions require good knowledge of English, as the working language is English.
Also, please note that Växjö UNA is not a student organization, which means that the board accepts applications from anyone!
The new board will be elected during our annual meeting on the 26th of February, at 18:00. See event:
Board Positions:
• President: The president has the main responsibility of the board and the work of Växjö UNA. Tasks might include: coordination, structure of tasks, make sure rules and guidelines are followed, represent Växjö UNA, be in contact with the Swedish UNA, responsible for annual meetings and weekly meetings, and to be the signatory together with the treasurer.
• Vice-president: The vice-president should assist the president, and replace the president when needed. The vice-president is a “multitasker” and will help the rest of the board when needed.
• Treasurer: The treasurer is the person responsible for the financial health of Växjö UNA. Among other things, this includes correctly documenting all types of spending and earnings of the board, contacting the bank when needed, the creation of an annual budget and an individual budget for each event. It includes bookkeeping, payment of bills, and the handling of the assets of Växjö UNA. Finally, the treasurer is also the signatory of Växjö UNA, a responsibility that is shared with the president.
• Secretary: The main responsibility of the secretary is the documentation of the board meetings, meaning taking notes during the meetings as well as modifying notes before uploading them for the rest of the board to see. This is important as the protocols are archived – meaning that the secretary is also be responsible for printing them out and keeping them safe in a folder that will be provided.
• Youth Coordinator: This position is mainly about a commitment to aid the youth in our society by helping them receive information about the UN and international matters overall. It is about spreading knowledge and the acknowledgement that youth are important players in the international arena. This includes visiting high schools to inform them about the United Nations. By making it our responsibility to ensure that they know more about the global issues, we can help them make informed decisions for the future. We wish that the person holding this position would be one that has an interest in youth, and is able to make learning a fun experience for them. Swedish-speaking position.
• Members Coordinator: The members coordinator is the link to our members and active volunteer group. This person ensures that the board is made aware of the wishes of the members, knows of their interests and are able to both hear and acknowledge their opinions. It is our way to ensure that our members get the best experience possible, as well as that our activities are in line with what the members are interested in. Tasks of the members coordinator includes sending out newsletters, as well as meeting up with our active members/volunteers.
• Communication coordinator: The communication coordinator is a position for a person that is interested in graphic design and creating visual content. The communication coordinator has knowledge of how to make posters and other ways of promoting our events, and will be in charge of increasing Växjö UNA’s visibility.
• Event Coordinator: The event coordinator holds the main responsibility to plan, organize and execute events. This position suits a creative and well-organized person. The event coordinator will, together with the member coordinator, meet with our volunteer group to plan events. It is the event coordinator’s duty to have an overview of the events of the year.
Lastly, it is important to note that we all help each other within the board, meaning that no one gets left behind nor will anyone end up with a huge workload. We are a team, and it is the team’s result that is the important product!

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