Opening of 'Women by a Woman' by Clotilde Richalet Szuch

Thursday  26 November  2015  7:00 PM
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Last update 03/12/2015

Portraits of daily life in South East Asia.

While wandering with my faithful camera through Southeast Asia, I quickly became fascinated by the very different cultures and appearances of the people. As a woman especially, I am interested in how unique and different the women in each country appear, seem, act, move, dress, laugh, smile…

My curiosity is the very simple reason why I started this gallery of Women across Southeast Asia. What a journey it is to travel around Malaysia, Cambodia or Thailand and make the effort to meet other women and to exchange with them. I gave them all she could in a smile, and they gave me back so much on camera.
I was a foreigner in their land, a stranger in their community, the one intruding in their daily life, but they all took the time to look back at me.

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