Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family
Reception hours: 7am-10pm.
Kaffeehaus (Viennese Café) Opening hours: 10am-10pm (warm meals till 9pm).

The guest-house offers two options: dormitories (between 5-12 beds) or guest-rooms (single, double, or triple rooms).

Catholic Liturgy is celebrated daily in the house-chapel.

Tourists from all over the world are welcome to visit our Viennese Café and our roof-terrace which provides beautiful views over the Old City.

The Viennese Café in the Austrian Hospice surprises guests with its originality: in the heart of the Arab Quarter you can enjoy well-known Viennese specialties like coffee with whipped cream or sweetened milk, caffè latte with a slice of Sacher-torte or apple strudel.

Since its beginnings the Hospice is playing a major role as cultural emissary to the Orient. Space is given to contemporary art and music in the framework of exhibitions and concerts. The Austrian Hospice considers itself a meeting ground for different cultures within the realm of art.

Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family
Via Dolorosa 37
P.O.B. 19600
91194 Jerusalem

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The ecclesiastical institution known as the "Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family" is a pilgrims’ guest-house belonging to the Austrian Catholic Church in the Holy Land. Established in 1854, it started its activities in 1863. Emperor Franz Joseph stayed at the Hospice in November 1869. The interior design ensures modern standards while retaining the 19th century ambience.