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Making a Mini Greenhouse From Bottles and Jars IN 3 EASY STEPS FIRST STEP Use a 1 liter soda bottle. You can use a simple 1 liter plastic bottle to make a variety of greenhouses. These are ideal for growing a single, short, shallow-rooted plant. Examples would include an orchid, a small fern, or a cactus. Look for bottles in a variety of shapes, as this can give you more customization options. To make a complex soda bottle greenhouse, begin with two bottles. One should be slightly wider than the other if possible. Carefully cut the top off of the thinner bottle, just past the point where it curves to form the tube section. Cut as straight and clean as possible. Use hot glue to attach the opening of the bottle top you just cut to the bottom of the remainder of the bottle. This will form a vase-like base for your mini greenhouse. Smooth any rough edges so that it sits evenly on a table. Next, make the lid for the greenhouse by cutting the top off of the wider bottle, maybe a centimeter below where the top curves into the tube section. The top of this bottle then becomes a lid for the thinner bottle to which you glued the base. If using this style, be sure to put the proper growing materials at the bottom of your greenhouse. This style does not have drainage and will have to be treated more like a terrarium. A simpler method would be to cut the bottom from a 1 liter bottle and simply push the upper portion into the dirt or over a small pot but this will not look as nice as the method described above. SECOND STEP Use a 1 gallon soda bottle. You can use a 1 gallon bottle in much the same way as the 1 liter bottle. It will, however, need to be reasonably tube-like in shape (if going over a pot or making a vase structure). This bottle can accommodate up to three small plants of the same varieties used with the 1 liter jars. You can also use this bottle to create a base which drains, by puncturing the bottom and cutting 1” vertical lines into the bottom edge of the lid. Be sure to leave at least 1” of jar above the desired dirt line when cutting for the lid. This will keep the dirt from falling out when the bottle is opened. THIRD STEP Use a mason jar. If you want to grow very small plants, you can use a lidded mason jar to create a small terrarium. Mason jars come in a variety of sizes and should be chosen appropriate to the size of the plant you intend to grow. Simply fill it with growing materials appropriate to a terrarium and you will have a beautiful tiny greenhouse. FOURTH STEP Use a fish tank. You can use a fish tank to make either a mini greenhouse or a terrarium. Either a square or rectangular tank can be used or you can use a fishbowl. It will depend on the size and number of the plants you intend to grow. A small plant in a bed can simply be covered with an upside-down, wide opening fishbowl. A right-side up fishbowl can be used like a terrarium, either covered with plastic or left open at the top. A large tank can be treated as a terrarium with no drainage, holes can be drilled in the bottom to provide drainage, or (if it has a glass bottom) it can be flipped upside-down to form a greenhouse. If left right-side up, a lid will need to be created from plastic wrap or using the wood-frame method described below.

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