We are marching to 1) celebrate science, 2) advocate for transparency and support of science, and 3) celebrate ties between science and the community.
We are marching to:

1) Celebrate science. We are celebrating science and the pursuit of knowledge. We acknowledge the great leaps in scientific understanding and technology that have occurred. These scientific advancements have saved lives, reduced pollution, increased access to education, and have provided insight into the mechanics of the natural world. We invite everyone to celebrate the achievements of science and their impacts on the quality of life of people in our communities.

2) Advocate for transparency and support of science. We are advocating for scientific transparency including free borders to promote scientific discourse; fair and thorough peer review; open access to data; rigor in research; open communication amongst scientists; and open communication between scientists and the public. We are advocating for the support of evidence-based science, without which, the impacts of science on the quality of life in our communities and across the world will be greatly reduced.

3) Celebrate ties to the community. We are highlighting the involvement of the general public and local community in science and the involvement of scientists in the local community. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of those who are doing scientific research and the diversity of the community that we share our knowledge and achievements with.

This event is being organized by Caltech postdoctoral researchers, Caltech graduate students, and Caltech undergraduate students. It is sponsored by the Caltech Postdoctoral Association, the Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech undergraduate student government), and the Caltech Graduate Student Council.