Mary Palaric

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Founder of Abundeco and Facilitator/Coach Co - Director, Imagine Property Group As an active property investor and wealth builder Mary teaches clients how to reclaim their financial independence, their sense of self and life purpose. Money and assets are not dirty words, In fact, Mary is on a mission to show people that the more they have, and appreciate the more they can give in a meaningful way.   With a strong background in the corporate sector, specializing in HR, Project Management and Business Improvement, Mary applies the skills she once used to drive high performance in global companies to now drive high performance in her own investment portfolio and the lives of her clients.   Mary is described as an action oriented learning junkie, collaborator and innovator.  Mary has developed her expertise by learning from the best, applying the knowledge to renovations and subdivisions, and continually grow her net worth. Mary started her own property investment and development company in her 50’s, and is living proof that it is never to late to build your wealth and become financially independent!   Through her property workshops Mary shares her passion, knowledge and to help clients renew their self worth, build net worth and create a solid wealth foundation through property.!

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