We tryna tell ya!
Mystic Stylez is a collective of djs and producers based in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) exploring all corners of the current underground bass-centric electronic music. The core team consists of Thinker, Feloneezy, Jackie Dagger, Kettle Lakes, Stevie Whisper, Phillie P, Rex Regis, Kepikei and Hadzic but we see all of our friends and followers as a part of it. Mystic Stylez is tightly connected with the Teklife crew from Chicago, promoting footwork music in Europe with the help from our Sexy Deutsch (ZEN Clan) pals from Vienna. Everyone in the family has got interest in specific micro scenes and styles. So far we had tons of friends from all over the world playing our parties and the main goal is to put Belgrade and Serbia on the map. During the course of the night we switch and we swap and we'll ride 'round the track together.