The website website went live in Jan. 2011 and has since then been established as the most comprehensive independent website on homeschooling in South Africa.
During the period of apartheid, home education was illegal in South Africa. The parents Andre and Bokkie Meintjies were jailed in 1994, and their children were placed in an orphanage, because they educated their children at home. Soon after this, home education was legalized in South Africa with the adoption of the new constitution in 1994. Since then, homeschooling has grown exponentially in South Africa.
SA Homeschoolers promotes it's mission by aiming to achieve the following objectives :

1) To be the most findable and accessable website on home education in South Africa.

2) To be the starting point for parents that consider home education.

3) Provide a safe platform for parents to get into contact with support groups, discussion forums and learning centres.

4) Contibute to the creation of a positive public opinion on home education.

5) Provide a channel through which the suppliers of educational products and services can reach the market of parents that have decided to choose home education.