Parent and Toddler Playgroup Thursdays 9:30-11:30 (15mths+)

Thursday  28 November  2019  7:30 AM    3:30 AM
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Last update 19/02/2019

Following the same rhythm and routine every week, the children will gain comfort and confidence in knowing what's next.

Even reserved children will have the opportunity to get used to our schedule and join in to the activities after some time.

The routine stimulates all senses, developing childrens' sensitivity in areas ranging from tactile perception, body awareness and finemotor skills as well as gross motor skills, balance and spatial awareness.


Settling in with freeplay

Welcoming songs and instruments


Arts and Crafts and / or messy time

Cutting fruits

Snacktime (all food and drink included)





Good-Bye Song

** Notice: the option of coming with a guest is only for another adult, not for another child **
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Playgroups are parents or caregivers accompanied, so for the convenience and safety of all, please supervise your children at all times.

Conscious Parenting Training will not be held responsible in the event of any loss, mishap, injury, illness or damage sustained by the users of the space, and will not be liable for any claim on any part in connection with the space/activity.

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