Reiki Second Degree

Sunday  24 March  2019  10:00 AM    Sunday  24 March  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 25/03/2019

Professional Certification Course - Reiki Second Degree, Advanced Practitioner
Reiki (霊気) is Japanese for universal life energy. It is an organic and tranquil healing modality, born in the belief that anyone can learn how to clear, relax and heal themselves and others.
The Second Degree is the continuation from practitioner to advanced practitioner. In this training we will delve into the aspects of the fundamental Reiki energy and how it is not limited by time and space. This energy healing education will prepare you to develop a deeper connection to the Universal Energy (Reiki) and to hold more trust in your understanding.
We will study and practice Reiki symbols, distant healing and learn the application of energetic programming.
The Second Degree Course will include:
A Reference Manual
The proper and necessary Reiki Second Degree attunements
Kundalini Yoga warm ups and breath techniques
Guided Meditation
Sacred kanjis (mudras) for clearing energy
Energetic programming
Energetic Self Defense
The Ethics of a Reiki Advanced Practitioner
A Professional Certificate of Completion
Our trainings follows the traditional ceremony of sacred attunements that has been handed down for many generations. Teacher Kuldip Khalsa has received his Reiki Master attunement from his teacher Dyal Singh Khalsa in 2005.

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The Teachings of TAIYO
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The Teachings of TAIYO
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