Remembering and Paying Tribute to the Holocaust via Art from the Camps and Ghettos with Dr. Rachel Perry

Sunday  27 January  2019  7:00 PM    Sunday  27 January  2019 9:30 PM
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This month's Tel Aviv University Talk will be devoted to International Holocaust Day. Today, over 70 years after the Holocaust, as we rapidly approach an age after testimony, it is more imperative than ever to “face” our traumatic past. In this talk, we will explore some of the many works of art created in the camps and ghettos and in hiding. How did victims use their art? What subject matter did they gravitate towards and what materials did they use? Often a means of documentation, art was also a form of creative resistance against the Nazis’ relentless project of dehumanization. It enabled them to communicate their protest, despair or hope. Examining many different kinds of visual artifacts –paintings and drawings as well as a graphic novel, cartoons, and even stamps and graffiti – we will learn how each work is a material witness that can help us face the effaced and remember the dismembered.

 This Talk is part of our special series whre Tel Aviv University International together with the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality presents a series of FREE talks to bring you current academic topics relevant for your everyday lives.

More on the speaker:

Rachel Perry teaches in the Weiss Livnat Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa where she is a fellow at the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research. She received her doctorate in Art History from Harvard University, specializing in European Art before, during and after WWII. A Senior Research Fellow at the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research, she recently curated the exhibition Arrivals, Departures: Salvaged Works by Persecuted Artists at the Hecht Museum. At Tel Aviv University/ in our program, she teaches a course entitled “After Auschwitz: Representing the Holocaust from 1945 to the Present.


1915: doors open, light refreshments will be served

19:45-20:45: Rachel Perry’s Talk

20:45-21:15 : Q&A

21:15-21:40 – Discussion and Mingling

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