REWIND FAST FORWARD Black, Queer and Proud: Sandi Hughes’ History of the Liverpool Scene (1975 - 2005)

Wednesday  8 February  2017  6:00 PM
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Last update 09/02/2017

In 1975, Sandi Hughes moved to Liverpool where she began recording her life as a black, lesbian single mother. Long before the advent of smart phones, Sandi recognised the importance of recording the ordinary lives of racialised, queer, migrant and political communities. Her personal archive - which stands at several hundred hours - is now being digitised with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and made available to everyone. From protests against section 28 to teenage street culture in the 1990s, Rewind Fast Forward is a unique record of Britain's shifting cultural landscape. Now at the age of 73, Sandi's extraordinary life - as a child raised in foster care, as a mother who fought a homophobic custody battle, and as an artist, feminist and DJ - is explored in the screening of three short films created from her archive – one by Sandi herself, and two more by artists Evan Ifekoya and Hayley Reid.
A Q&A with the artists and hosted by BFI Flare film programmer Jay Bernard will follow the screening.
More information about the archive can be found at:

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