SABPP Accredited - Know Your Employee - 60 CPD Points

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This is a 2 day intensive training course for HR Managers, Managers and Executives. This course is accredited by SABPP and you get 60 CPD points from this course.

After completion of this course you will be able to assess each job portfolio and understand what type of archetype is required to do that job. You will be able to place the right people in the right jobs that allows them to grow and enjoy what they do. You will be able to assess the weaknesses or developmental areas in your employees. You will be able to foster stronger team work, higher productivity and better end results from your employees.

Our ego consists of twelve personas. Because they are fully integrated, their seamless transition from one engagement to the next makes the ego appear as one. The truth is that it is a crowd. Have you noticed how difficult it is to stick to a decision or resolution? You decide to never drink again, but when the opportunity presents itself, you do. Why does this happen? The answer is simple: the one who suffers the hangover is not the one who indulged the night before. Have you noticed this?

When you are in one persona you resolutely decide to follow a strict diet, but then another one binges. Yet they all feel like you. Some of them are more emotional, others more mental or physical, but they each span all three beings. Have you noticed them? From a self-observation perspective, which is central to the spiritual journey, it is very useful to become familiar with your inner personas. Some will be more dominant, while others will remain in the background, influencing you sub-consciously.

Imagine a kingdom where there are twelve princes and each gets a chance to rule for an hour. Imagine the chaos. Or twelve princesses. You get the idea. You are only one of these twelve at a given moment of time. It appears the only way to create some inner order is for the trouble makers to be beaten into submission. But then we become divided – part active and part passive without natural interaction with the external world. What is the situation in your life?

That inner conversation you so often have is the conversation between these personas. You know, when you talk to yourself and hope nobody noticed? I’m sure you have come across a vagrant talking to himself out loud? Most of us don’t externalize these conversations, but trust me it is happening all the time inside. Before one can speak, it has to ascend the throne of the ego. The switching happens really fast, so you don’t notice it.

It is also important to note that one persona seldom acts alone, it is usually in cahoots with others. The more personas that band together on an issue, the stronger the impulse and action that comes as a result. If you acted from all twelve, it will be an unstoppable force.

In terms of Mindful Healing, we analyse your archetypes to go deeper into understanding who you are and where the imbalances are coming from. Through this we can also look at how we can guide you to overcome your fears and move beyond the obstacles that challenge you. Through your own understanding you can then apply this knowledge to the workplace and your employees.

We have used this concept with our own employees for over 10 years now and have been successful in managing their career development and paths.

Creating Union within your employees through the Archetype Analysis has various benefits:
Brings understanding
Clarity of purpose and being
Reduces worry
Reduces stress
Creates Purpose
Influences centeredness and calm

The Archetype Analysis is also especially valuable for the individual employee to understand who they are and engage with the right archetype when required. We empower you with the skills and training tools to coach and guide your employees through the awareness of who they are and what archetypes are dominant.

This course is facilitated by TLB Kruger, International Author of The Perennial Truth & Keys of Yama and Karen Kruger, Transformational Life Coach for over 10 years now.

Course Dates : 13th & 14th March
Times 9am to 5pm
Venue: School of Samaya Training Center in Midrand

Course Fee is R6950
Early Bird Registration if you register by the 1st March you pay R4950

Email us to register:

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School of Samaya - Academy of Spiritual Sciences
91/4 Eastbourne Road, Carlswald AH, Midrand, 1685, South Africa
School of Samaya - Academy of Spiritual Sciences
91/4 Eastbourne Road, Carlswald AH, Midrand, 1685, South Africa