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Saturday  7 November  2015  4:30 PM
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Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
The Watermill Center
39 Water Mill Towd Rd.
Water Mill, NY 11976

4:30 - 5:30pm | Book Presentation with Author Annie Cohen-Solal
6:00 - 7:00pm | Open Rehearsal with Cirkus Cirkör

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Book Presentation | Annie Cohen-Solal
Join the Watermill Center for a lecture titled "Mark Rothko: Immigrant, Artist, Pioneer" with Annie Cohen-Solal, Ph.D., cultural historian, writer and Professor of American Studies at the Université de Caen. Although Mark Rothko has undeniably reached the status of an iconic artist whose paintings sell for as much as $80 million, he remains mysterious. Cohen-Solal approaches him through the lens of her social history research and unveils many fascinating aspects of his life and character. Rothko fought the narrow-mindedness of many U.S. institutions and was deeply committed to giving all publics genuine access to art.

The lecture is followed by a Q &A and book singing for Cohen-Solal’s critically acclaimed book, Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel. Books will be available for sale at the event.

About Annie Cohen-Solal
Annie Cohen-Solal is an academic and a cultural historian who served as cultural counselor to the French Embassy in the United States. Her highly acclaimed works include Painting American (2001); Leo Castelli & His Circle (2010); New York-Mid Century (2014) with Paul Goldberger and Robert Gottlieb; and Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel (2013).
As a professor, she has held positions at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU), École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, University of Caen, École Normale Supérieure in Paris, the Freie University of Berlin, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is working on curating exhibitions for the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, the Musée Picasso and the Musée de l’Immigration in Paris. She will soon lead, alongside Jeremy Adelman, the “Crossing Boundaries” workshop at the CASBS (Stanford University). Born in Algiers, Cohen-Solal now lives between Paris and Cortona.

Open Rehearsal | Cirkus Cirkör
Björfors works across borders and transnationally with artists and illustrators to create state of the art video projection mapping. This research has led to methods and knowledge about the dimensions of circus disciplines, about the risk and border-crossing aspects of the circus arts, and about “the circus heart” (i.e. the nomadism, the innovations, the risks and possibilities, the freedom and discipline, etc.). As part of previous research, a performance trilogy was created for Cirkus Cirkör by Björfors. She continues her working method during her Watermill residency and presents an open rehearsal with members of Cirkus Cirkör showcasing new discoveries. Special thanks to Swedish Consulate in New York, Swedish Arts Council and Swedish Institute for their support.

About Tilde Björfors
Tilde Björfors founded Cirkus Cirkör in 1995 and has been the driving force in establishing contemporary circus as an art form in Sweden. Björfors’ research project, combined with Cirkör's visionary, educational, entrepreneurial and philosophical efforts, as well as its work within cultural policy, have had an influence far beyond the realm of circus.

Björfors has been creative director for all of Cirkör's productions and directed the majority of them, most recently Knitting Peace, 99% Unknown, Inside Out and Wear It Like a Crown, which has toured all over the world to wide acclaim. Out of their desire to create performances through exploratory, interdisciplinary and risk-filled processes in a world focused on quick results, Tilde Björfors and the creative team of Cirkus Cirkör have found new ways to create and present their works. Cirkus Cirkör has built partnerships for residencies and pre-productions, are part of various interdisciplinary research projects, and have established Cirkör LAB as a space for artistic research and innovations.

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The Watermill Center
39 Water Mill Towd Rd, Watermill, NY, United States
The Watermill Center
39 Water Mill Towd Rd, Watermill, NY, United States
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