VALUED- Finding your value & increasing your self worth

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VALUED- Finding your value & increasing your self worth
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Sat 29 February 2020
Saturday 29 February 2020
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Find your value and get ready to increase your self worth until you are asking for what you really want in life.

If only you backed yourself as much as you backed others.

I get it, you’ve got DREAMS, you’ve got GOALS, there’s so much more you want to create in life.

Imagine feeling COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT exactly how you are right now?

Being WORTHY of having what you truly want in life?

But there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be at the moment isn’t there?

If you believed in yourself a little more how much closer would you be to hitting those goals?

So what stops people from bringing into their life what they really want?

Is it their self belief?

Their self confidence?

Their self worth?

Their self love?


A combination of the above?

The most common thing that stops people from creating what they truly want in life is they don’t wholeheartedly believe they deserve it.

Did you realise that the biggest killer to wealth, health, career and relationships is guilt and shame.

When you hold onto past experiences where guilt and shame are present you are literally shutting down your ability to receive what you want in life because unconsciously you don’t feel worthy of having it, even if you get what you want, you’ll find a way to sabotage yourself until you only have what you unconsciously recognise your value as.

We all just want to be loved, appreciated and valued for who we are and we can only show and receive love to the same amount we love here’s where I'd like to share one of my favourite quotes…

“Ever loved someone so much, you’d do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want”

Harvey Specter

In the middle of 2018 I was having a chat with my mum and she was frustrated at herself because she couldn’t get her health under control, I asked one simple question

“What’s your reason for being healthy? if you don’t have a big enough reason you won’t do to it.”

Her response rattled me and left me in a moment of shock...

“I don’t have one, I know it’s because I DON’T LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH”

In that exact moment I knew that had to change and I didn’t want anyone else’s life to be defined by those words and not fully embrace what they are capable of.

VALUED is a 4 hour event where you get taken through the process of raising the appreciation for yourself.

SEE and FEEL the VALUE that you add to others and the world

Start DESTROYING GUILT and SHAME to allow you to express more of you, your unique self

Learn how to LOVE all parts of YOURSELF, from the physical to the mental and emotional

Walk away feeling tall and strong with your head held high.

Be in a position to start earning more money, what you know & are truly worth

Be able to speak up and express how you feel in any situation

Develop stronger relationships and level up your ability to communicate

TAKE greater ACTION towards YOUR DREAMS with a new level of self belief

Know your VALUE and be willing to ask for it

So if you’re ready to LEVEL UP to a new frequency of VALUE, SELF WORTH, APPRECIATION & SELF LOVE secure your spot by clicking the link below.

This is not like other seminars where you get a free notepad and pen where you can hide in the corner taking notes.

We’re getting down and dirty.

No hiding

No excuses

1 on 1 coaching



You Listen, You Learn, You Work, You get Results ALL within 4 hours.


Workbooks and pens will be provided

Make sure bring along water and snacks to get you through the 4 hours, there will be a 15 minute break

Dress accordingly for the weather, workshops will be help within air conditioning so the temperature can fluctuate inside the venue.


No refunds on ticket sales

If you are unable to attend a workshop, notify us within 72 hours and you can transfer your ticket to another date or have a friend attend in your place

For any further info please email

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