Shikoku, Japan 88 Temples Pilgrimage 14 Days Spring 2020

Shikoku, Japan 88 Temples Pilgrimage 14 Days Spring 2020
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From Thu 21 May 2020 to Wed 3 June 2020
From Thursday 21 May 2020 to Wednesday 3 June 2020
8:00 AM - 2:00 AM

For the first time ever in the history of the Shikoku pilgrimage a bus tour is being offered for English speakers in May/June next year led by Professor Dym. Professor Dym is an american who lectures in Japanese history and culture at the University of Sacramento. His is fluent in Japanese, has travelled extensively throughout Japan, has lived in Japan and has also walked the entire Shikoku Pilgrimage.

This is a unique travel opportunity if you are interested in Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese food, Buddhism, the serenity of beautiful Buddhist temples and travelling with others. It will be a 14 day round trip from Sydney to Tokushima.

It isn't necessary for you to be Buddhist or to believe in anything but it is important to understand that it is a Pilgrimage tour and participation in the rituals at the temples is considered respectful.

Shikoku is the fourth largest island of Japan. It is mostly rural with many small traditional villages. This makes it all the more appealing as you experience more traditional Japanese culture and food then you do in the areas that are catering to the hordes of tourists.

As a pilgrim who has visited all 88 Temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage on foot I am now an official ambassador of the pilgrimage. I feel privileged and excited about the opportunity of introducing others to the pilgrimage, the 88 temples, Shikoku and the inspiring buddhist priest Kobo Daishi who first brought buddhism to Japan and is the founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan and many of the 88 temples. Kobo Daishi also known as Kukai was born on Shikoku and was a man before his time. He is attributed with many amazing achievements including ensuring that education was available to all regardless of their social status (prior to that only the aristocracy in Japan could read and write and had access to education). He ensured women were able to attend temples when in the past they had been excluded. He was admired and respected by the common people as well as ruling elite at the time.

The dates:
Thursday 21st May - to Wednesday 3rd June
Thursday 21st May arrive in Osaka/Tokyo and travel to Tokushima.
Friday 22nd May - 1st June - Visit 88 Temples on Shikoku and travel to Koyasan - resting place of Kobo Daishi.
2nd June - Spend time in Koyasan ( a UNESCO World Heritage Site) before travelling to Osaka. Overnight in Osaka.
3rd June - Depart Osaka for Sydney.

What’s included:

Pilgrimage tour led by Professor Jeffrey Dym who has taught Japanese history and culture at Sacramento State University since 1998. Professor Dym will lead participants in the rituals and sutra readings at each temple and provide historical commentary about the temples and Japan throughout the tour.

13 nights accommodation, 1 night before the tour, in Tokushima, 1 night after the tour in Osaka and 11 nights on the tour.

All transportation from Kansai International Airport, Osaka to Shikoku, around Shikoku, to Koyasan and back to Osaka and Kansai International Airport.

All accommodation staying in a mixture of traditional Japanese Guesthouses, Western Style Hotels and Temple Lodgings.

All meals whilst on the the pilgrimage, from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day.

A white pilgrim’s vest or coat.

Japanese language familiarisation sessions prior to travelling to Japan

What’s not included:

Your return airfares from Sydney to Osaka:

Your Travel Insurance

Snacks, alcohol,

Additional pilgrimage gear such as stamp book and temple stamps, candles and incsense

Meals when you are not on the pilgrimage walking/bus tour

Investment in this wonderful educational, cultural and spiritual fully supported walking/bus tour in Shikoku, Japan.

Single $4,200
Twin share or double $3,900
Triple share $3,800

Interested? Want to know more? Limited to 10 participants. Please RSVP and email me directly at [masked] with your telephone number to discuss further.

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