Shrapnel Theatre presents...New Musical Night featuring WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Catherine McDonald

Friday  24 July  2015  7:15 PM
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Last update 31/07/2015

Shrapnel Theatre's New Musical Night is back again with another brand new musical!

Along with a concert-staging of a brand new musical, there will be a Q&A with a writer, previews of musicals about to open in London and beyond, as well as some special guests! This is one not to miss.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Catherine McDonald

Jealousy, love, revenge and death come together with passionate music in this brand new musical retelling of Emily Brontë’s classic gothic novel, Wuthering Heights. Following the dark tale of the thwarted love of Cathy and Heathcliff and the dramatic impact it has on the next generation of young lovers, Wuthering Heights is a story of raw and brutal passion, hate and love. This musical adaptation has proved itself to be addictive to work on, to perform in and to listen to, guaranteed to cause goosebumps, tears, laughter and horror. Wuthering Heights is not just a show; it’s an experience in human cruelty and kindness that kicks you in the gut. Emily Bronte wrote a feminist novel and Catherine McDonald turned it into a feminist musical, full of brave, selfish, powerful, foolish, fascinating women.

We love it and we’re sure you will as well.

THE CLOCKMAKER's DAUGHTER by Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn

Spindlewood is home to a Clockmaker. A tormented genius, out of place in a town where each day mirrors the last and the people are content. But Abraham Reed has a secret... something the simple folk of the town below
must never discover.

Through methods hidden even to himself, the Clockmaker has created something much, much more than a machine...

After this one you will have to wait until SEPTEMBER for the next one, as we're all trooping up to Edinburgh for August. So make sure and get your new musical fix to last you for the summer!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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