Smylist Akadémia

Monday  13 May  2019  9:00 AM
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Last update 14/05/2019

Smylist® Academy warmly welcomes the prospective participants. Our educational and occupational opportunities are highly qualified and complex.
With Smylist® Aesthetic software for free!
Language: English
1-3. days:
Smylist® method and complex-case treatment
Photo course and Smylist® digital day &digital workflow (2D-3D) Smylist® Aesthetic software
Face aesthetic course, TMJ &posture complex cases
(If you have an own camera, please bring it with you)
Smylist® Method from Face Diagnosys, Midline Concept to New Gnathological approach
Smylist® Novellities
Smylist® Aesthetic part: designing harmonious smile and dental work
Smylist® Gnathological Part: aligning the vertical bite, setting the mandible position
Smylist® Face and muscle diagnosys for understanding importance of the mandible in harmony and aging
Body balance based on Smylist® knowledge
Digital workflow: using Smylist® Softwares for design and for Lab work 2D to 3D, digital impression and printing
Case shows
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