Sooke Ecohome Tour #3

Saturday  6 October  2018  11:00 AM    Saturday  6 October  2018 3:00 PM
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Last update 07/10/2018

Welcome back for Transition Sooke's third showcase of Sooke region homeowners who are tapping nature's energy grid, modernizing time-honoured natural building techniques and finding creative ways to minimize their environmental impacts while saving money in the bargain.
Full details TBA in the weeks ahead. Please save the date!
Nice-priced tickets ($5 per person/$10 per carload/free for pedestrians and cyclists) will again be available *only* on event day at each of our participating venues.
Confirmed stops so far:
* Our solar-panelled residential home this year belongs to Sunriver's Carol and David Mallet. Guest: Steve Unger from Viridian Energy Co-Operative.
* A new tiny home built by Homes With Love's Forest Adam. Features rainwater collection, wood stove water heating, electric/gas hot water on demand, solar power, dry toilets and humanure composting.
* A return to Tony Johnson's rammed-earth building site in Otter Point, which we featured on our debut tour in 2016. His dream family home is now much further along even though Tony has been busy with Salt Spring-based SIREWALL on projects in Edmonton and New Zealand.
We'll also feature encore visits to two other in-progress homes we featured on last year's tour and which have made great strides over the last 12 months:
* The Rainbird Econest near East Sooke Provincial Park's Aylard Farm. See how Shyanne Smith and family have progressed over the last 12 months with their solar-powered modern farmhouse featured a Faswall (recycled pallet-based) foundation, passive solar design, a masonry heater, heat exchange water heater, earthen floors, rain water collection and grey water irrigation
* Harmless Home, a showstopping Net Zero family residence with panoramic JDF views constructed by Ridgeco Developments not far from Becher Bay Road in East Sooke. Partially complete last year, we're delighted that Arno Keinonen has invited us back now that's it's finished. Exterior walls are the first to utilize interlocking Just BioFiber blocks, which deliver cozy R40 insulation from a durable mix of concrete and hemp fibre. The home features 16kW of solar panels, TeslaPowerwall back-up batteries, a level-2 septic system and an extensive rainwater collection system to augment the on-site well.
And back once more by popular demand: Christine Bossi and Martin Bissig's Econest on Kemp Lake Road, a masterful natural home built by the region's Keary Conwright on a hilltop piece of idyllic Otter Point farmland.
FYI According to our loose definition, an ecohome (new or retrofit) uses building techniques and/or technology to create energy savings and a substantially lower carbon footprint in both construction and ongoing operation. Insulation and airtightness, passive solar orientation, thermal mass building materials, renewable energy sources (solar, heat pump, biomass), rainwater harvesting, greywater collection and recycled building materials are considerations.

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