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Aluminium Door Information:
Advantages of Aluminium Doors

They offer strength maximizing on your safety and security
They are highly durable and last for many decades
Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion and other whether induced effects such as excessive wind, water and air infiltration
They are environmentally friendly due to their recyclable nature
They use less frame and slim lines leaving out more glass space for increased visibility and lighting.
They are easily available
Common Types of Aluminium Doors Designs

The Centre Hung Aluminium doors: they are hung centrally on the frame and can open up to 90 degrees without swinging back. They
can either be single or double swing with a formal appearance as the closure mechanisms are effectively hidden in the head of the
frame. They are suitable in banking halls, hospitals and offices.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Sliding Door: they are sturdy and elegant type of doors that can withstand harshest weather conditions while
giving a magnificent outdoor-indoor outlook. They make the most economical use of space with the capability of connecting your
outdoor and indoor space in a seamless manner. It brings in adequate natural light to brighten up your home giving out eye-catching
features even when they are closed.

Custom Made Aluminium Doors: these are designed as per the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Different types of aluminium doors are used in commercial premises as well as residential homes although the design may vary with
the intended application.

Taking care of your Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are fairly easy to maintain and are long lasting. To clean your aluminium door you will need to;

Use lukewarm water, mild detergent and a soft rug
Use windowene to clean the glass panes
In case of oil and greasy stains use thinners or a mixture of warm water and a cupful of household ammonia will do the trick.
Apply metal polish once your door is clean and dry to give it a new and shinny look and protection against stains and dirt.
Caution: Do not use soap pads and metal scratchers on your aluminium door.



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