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Wednesday  1 May  2019  6:00 PM    Wednesday  1 May  2019 7:30 PM
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Come and hear from students who have been accepted to the Ivy League and other world top 10 universities!
The choice you make after high school is likely to be the first life-changing decision you'll make.
That choice is usually made up of two questions:
'What do I want to study?' & 'Where do I want to study?'
If you're feeling like there must be other options out there than the major two or three local unis then this event is for you!
Hear from Australian students who have just been offered a place at three of the top colleges in the US...
University of Pennsylvania - tied at #8 by US News, UPenn is an Ivy League college known for its world-leading business school and a culture of student internships.
University of Chicago - tied for #3 spot by US News, UChicago is a top private college known for its maths and economics department as well as its quirky student culture!
Duke University - tied at #8 by US News, Duke is a top research university in North Carolina known for its sporting teams as well as its engineering and business schools.
By the end of this event, you'll come away knowing why Australian students are choosing US Colleges over local universities and how to work towards your own journey overseas!
Chris Z. - University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023
"Hi everyone! My name is Chris. When I started thinking about what I wanted to study after school, I just couldn't find one course that grabbed my attention within Australia. For this reason, I started looking at American colleges in early Year 11 and was really interested in the multifaceted approach they took to broad ranging degrees within a liberal arts and sciences college. I discovered that I could test the water with a range of interesting subjects in my first two years before having to decide on a major. The application process initially appeared to me as a lot less complex than it became, but I am very happy I stuck it out. I am (super excited) to head over to UPenn in August to study logic, information and computation. I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully giving some insight into any questions you may have. See you there!"
Allie B. - Duke University Class of 2023
“Hi, I’m Allie! I’ve recently graduated from Abbotsleigh in Sydney and have been accepted in Duke University to study Political Science. I’ve wanted to study in the states from a young age, attracted by the amazing both academic and personal opportunities that college in America offers. I’m excited to chat to you all and provide some advice that I hope you’ll find valuable!”
Max S. - University of Chicago Class of 2023
"Hey! My name's Max and I'm really keen to start at UChicago this year. At the moment I'd be looking to study Physics or Literature, although after two years of the Core Curriculum I'm sure I'll have even more passions to pursue. While my admissions journey was certainly less than ideal--I was in the Gold Coast doing my ACT's days before the modern history HSC exam--I'm so glad I chose to do it, and all the stress involved was validated once I opened the admissions letter. Hopefully I'll be able to share some helpful advice I wish I had going into US applications. See you all there!"
Topics our speakers will cover include:
How to manage your application in Year 11 or 12
How to develop your profile from Year 9 and 10
The academic benchmarks - how to apply with your ATAR or IB score
Motivations for studying in the US
Overseas study from a parents' perspective - safety, costs and communication
How to effectively research overseas universities
Buy a Student VIP Admission ticket to receive an Application Starter USB. The USB is only available at events and includes:
An introduction to the US & UK application process
Tips and resources for researching international universities from Australia
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This event is for students in Year 9 and up (yes, forward planning helps when applying overseas!). Parents are encouraged to attend and can register for free.
For an insight into the US & UK experience, visit Crimson Education's YouTube channel.
Crimson Education has a 94% success rate in supporting students to gain admission to 1 or more US Colleges and a 100% success rate in supporting students to gain admission to 1 or more UK Universities. Learn more about our recent student admissions.

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