Sunset at the Annandale #5 w/ Keep it Disco & Shamus

Saturday  23 March  2019  1:30 PM    Saturday  23 March  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 24/03/2019

So much happening this month it's crazy... Mardi Gras has been and gone which continues to beautifully showcase the talent and love that still thrives in this beautiful city of ours. We just can't shake this disco feeling!
For our March lineup we’ve got some of the best across disco and house (all PM time):
2 - 3:30: Big in Japan (Sunset)
3:30 - 5: Pip Dalton (Comfy Grrrl)
5 - 6:30: Keep it Disco
6:30 - 8: Shamus
Our third event of the year shares a significant date as it's also the NSW state election, and it's become past the point of satire now just how decimated our nightlife has become. Sydney is a hollow shell of it's former self, BUT, that isn't to say there's no hope! The Sunset team implore you to vote not only with intentions of your culture and identity, but also with understanding of where your vote goes beyond this amazing city of ours. See the abhorrent environmental impacts of the Murray Darling, lack of respect for local government districts, and privatisation of our most crucial infrastructure, just to name a few awfully misguided and inconsiderate directions taken by our current coalition.
If you're unsure of your eligibility please check here - and most importantly, get out and make your vote count.
Once you've done that, come to Annandale for a drink and boogie in our intimate little space to celebrate this great city of ours. See you all under the sunset! ☀️

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