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Wednesday  16 September  2015  12:00 PM
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Earn 0.5 credits - Tackle Ethical Dilemmas - Lunch is on us!

Have you ever disagreed with an ethical view you've heard in the news or while talking to your friends? Have you wondered why certain public policies are adopted and discarded? Have you ever struggled to defend your stance on a contemporary ethical problem against reasonable objections?

If you've answered “yes” to any of the above, or you've arrived at Tufts eager to dive into the murkiest ethical waters...

You should take part in the third annual Tufts Ethics Bowl, a debate competition in which the team you form or join will tackle the most complex and seemingly intractable ethical issues facing society! On November 1, teams of 4-5 undergraduates hailing from departments across the university will contend against one another to resolve vexing ethical issues before a panel of judges. Having been given actual cases of ethical dilemmas and prepared well in advance, each team will be evaluated on its articulation of the ethical principles at stake, cogency of argument, and responses to challenges by the opposing team and judges. The winners will go on to represent Tufts at the Regional Ethics Bowl in December.

With regularly scheduled coaching and guidance from Philosophy graduate students (from the #1 ranked Masters program in the country), would-be ethics bowlers will begin preparing and researching the cases ahead of the November and December competitions. The cases (written by the National Ethics Bowl Association) stretch across disciplines—including business, engineering, journalism, law, and medicine. With the guidance of expert coaches, the cases are sure to test and hone your critical thinking and public speaking skills. This year, we are offering the Bowl for a half course credit, pass/fail!

Students interested in participating should attend an information session Wednesday, September 16 at 12:00PM in the Alumnae Lounge. We will address the logistics of the competition and provide a demonstration.

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Alumnae Lounge, Tufts University
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