Ukrainian Smylist Academy

Sunday  24 March  2019  4:00 PM
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Last update 25/03/2019

Contact: Olga Tokthuyeva, 380674403426
The Smylist® Academy program
Smylist® Academy 1th day
Time: 9:00-16:00
Lecturer: Dr Maria Csillag
Smylist method,
Individual face driven smile design, custom smile design
Smylist® Midline concept,
Smylist® 8 Aesthetic parameters,
W.A.C.P.Technique( White Aesthetic Conscious Pre-planning),
Psychomorphology base on personaltypology,
Smylist® geometrical face analysis,
Paralell harmonisation rules,
Smylist® step by step in practice,
Case studies.
Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software practice,
Planning for CAD-CAM with Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software
Vertical analysis , golden bite. Mandible proper position .
Smylist® Academy 2th day
Photocourse and Smylist digital day
Time: 9:00-12:00
Notes: If you have own camera, please bring your camera with you
Theory and practice in dental studio ( F value, ISO, White balance, aperture, shooting time,focus distance, dental photography protocol, AACD photoprotocoll)
Smylist® aesthetic desing photoprotocol, ( face, smile, teeth photo, incisal profile photo)
Practicing with Smylist® Aesthetic Desgn Software on the portriat of participants
Making photo int he lab
2d-3d solution, cad-cam design, Smylist Lab software for 3d work. Smylist digital workflow step by step
Smylist® Academy 3th day:
Preparation marathon with microscope
Recontouring technique
12 preparationtype
veneer, non prep veneer,
conventional veneer,
butt joint preparation
ovelapping preparation,
veneer in premolar-, and molar region,
veneer-inlay combination,
aesthetic crown preparations in front and molar region,
inlaycombined with veneer
table top preparation
Smylist® Academy 4th day:
Direct veneer course with microscope
Rebuilding theories, The composie materials
Composit rebuilding theories and Color theories ( Munsell diagram)
Case stuies,
direct veneer in one tooth and in whole mouth reconstruction as Smylist® smile to go technique.
Theory and practice with silocon stent
Smylist® Academy 5th day:
Face aesthetic course
Lecturer: Dr. Maria Csillag
Theory of aesthetic,Smylist® face muscle diagnosys,
face analysis, face muscle therapy, and TMJ therapy in practice
The beauty, sexual secundery characteristic, the averagness rules
face muscle building and rejuvenation technique according to Smylist® aesthetic complex approach and design rules.
Face muscle therapy. Practice
Smylist® theory and gnathology. New approach.

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