Universal Healing Tao Basic Formulas

Friday  8 December  2017  6:30 PM    Sunday  10 December  2017 5:00 PM
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Last update 11/12/2017

Healing Tao Australia presents senior instructor William U. Wei
The Introduction gives the background and explanation of The Tao, the name that cannot be named. The Cosmic Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling to them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy. The Six Healing Sounds cools down the body releasing excess heat, cleans toxins out of the organs and transforms negative emotions into positive emotions. Each sound relates to a vital organ and has a color, body posture and emotions. The Chi Self Massage freely moves vital blocked energy (Chi) through the body creating self-healing, inner balance & longevity. Microcosmic Orbit meditation is the ancient foundation for healing by awakening and opening the body centers, and drawing the Universal, Cosmic and Earth Forces from the Six Directions into the body. The students will learn to activate the Three Fires (Tan Tiens) circulating this Life Force Energy (Chi) as it will be passed through their body channels. Students learn Wisdom Chi Kung techniques of Emptying and Recharging the Brain. Simple Chi Kung is a series of easy to perform simple exercises to loosen the joints & muscles that circulates Chi and blood throughout the body is facilitated for High Level Chi Kung practices.
Early bird special $450 total workshop (3 days) $175 per day workshops -$100 for Friday night.

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