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Meet Sumant Kant Kaul and Sumeet Kant Kaul world renowned Karma Yoga Masters, learn directly from the founders!
Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing™
Delivering happiness, positivity, love, health and wealth
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Registration and more information:
Judit Keri and Erzsebet Strausz:
1Billion Karma Yogis by 2025!
SKITA Budapest Centre
Sumant Kaul International Training Academy
Baross str. 30. (3rd floor, doorbell 23), Budapest 1085
******** Become a Karmayoga Practitioner!********
Join us for our Practitioner Programme and receive the prestigious KARMAYOGA PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATE awarded by the SUMANT KAUL INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ACADEMY!
Requirements: completion of Karmayoga Basic and Advanced Levels PLUS Heal Ancestral Defect/Pitru Dosha evening course.
SPECIAL OFFER: register NOW and we support your mindful journey towards helping yourself and others with a €100 scholarship! ????
Repeaters receive 70% scholarship!
Don't miss out on the exceptional opportunity to have a healing session with Master Sumeet!
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28th – 30th Sept. 2018
28th 2pm-8:30pm
29th and 30th 10am to 5pm
You Will Learn:
*60,000 year-old Meditation Technique- 8th Chakra and the union with the divine
*The Actual Meaning of Karma Yoga and how it is going to change the game of life
*Understanding Trika, Kashmiri Shaivism and Karma Yoga
*Learn to resolve heavy karmic difficulties
*The technique of Karma Source Memory Healing
*Understand Epigenetics and how your environment influences your karma
*Mantra Chanting in Samadhi State
*Healing relationship issues with any particular person through cutting karmic chord exercise
*Third Eye Activation and remove psychic Hooks and Evil eye
1st – 3rd Oct. 2018. 10am to 5pm
You Will Learn:
*Karma Secrets
*What is Kundalini & its different types.
*Exercise: Channeling the spirit guide and Masters
*Learning about Pitru Dosha (ancestral defect)
*How to identify if one has ancestral defect
*Special meditation and prayer for releasing ancestral defect
*Working deeply on old memories and releasing fears and hidden karmic oaths
*The healing technique of karmic regression
*Prayer for resolving money karma and Meditation Script for Wealth
*Understanding the importance of forgiveness and prayer for daily forgiveness
*Technique of having instant success
*Understanding Karma Yoga and the exact technique to master your body and mind.
29th Sept. 2018, 5pm-9pm
Did you know?
Your karma is a reflection of your Ancestor's world!
Ancestral defects are old negative beliefs, emotions and self defence mechanisms that create fear, hatred, anger...
Ancestral defects are stored in the DNA, they are inherited from parents, grandparents and so on.
They can have suicidal tendencies, anger, phobia, money difficulties, health difficulties and curses attached.
Signs that you are suffering from Ancestral Defects:
*Husband and wife fight on small matters
*Children suffer diseases from first day of birth
*Children may have physical or mental disability
*Severe marital distress
*One is wanting to marry but is unable to find a partner
*Financial debt issue
*Issues with children
1st Oct. 2018, 5pm-9pm
You Will Learn:
*Discover Karmic causes of their money problems and release karmic oaths blocking abundance, success and great career.
*Learn Secrets of wealth and abundance and how to have it while being mindful and still having a wonderful family.
*Manifest a desirable abundant happy future for yourself by learning specific techniques.
*Special script to manifest wealth and prosperity in your life.
*Ancestral defects meditation to release family difficulties of money
*Answering the 4 questions which can change your life
*Renouncement of Karmic Oaths and Vows blocking your success and abundance in your profession, education and career.
*Resolving Karmic issues of debt in the family and identifying money beliefs of prosperity consciousness or poverty consciousness and understanding the factors of success.
**You will receive manuals and at the end of the courses certificates, issued by head office.
**The courses will be held in English.
Master Sumant Kaul
He is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva Supreme Pure Consciousness. With the divine grace, miracle and mysticism of Supreme Pure Consciousness, Master Kaul has facilitated in healing the wealth, health, and emotional traumas of thousands! By applying the 60,000-year-old techniques of the Science of Karma Yoga he helped to release those who were trapped in this gigantic labyrinth of Karma. Awarded in the field of Karma Yoga by India¹s leading newspaper, his vision and mission to spread this message has launched this world onto its next metamorphosis.
Master Sumeet Kaul
He is an exceptional healer. His achievements in this field are remarkable and those who have had the privilege of personally experiencing the work he has done are in awe of his power. He has healed patients suffering from depression, high blood pressure, smoke cessation, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, neurosis, schizophrenia, traumas, hypothyroidism, abuse issues, vitamin deficiencies, and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, to name a few. He has studied the predominant healing modalities around the world and has decoded the ancient Shiva meditations
Master Suneha Kaul
Suneha Kant Kaul , an expert in psychology and healing. She is a master of energy healing as she has the magical gift few people on Earth have of instantaneous healings. She is world’s most talented healer, therapist and personal coach, NLP coach. The knowledge she has on energy healing dynamics, few people in the world possess. She is young and brings modern techniques in her healing along with ancient wisdom. She has such powerful and pure healing energy that just in her presence people start feeling better. She has healed hundreds and thousands all over the world from physical pain, health problems and relationship issues. It’s a blessing to take a session or a training class from her. According to her students, she is just so compassionate, pure, simple yet powerful.
"I healed my thyroid after attending Karma healing courses and sessions. The results were clearly visible after I got the diagnostic tests done after the healing session." GINNI BANGA, DUBAI
"I had severe back issue and could not walk properly without support and could not without back rest. I had extreme pain in my back and my body used to become numb. After attending weekly healing camps,retreat and healing sessions, I completely healed my back. I even travelled in the airplane alone after 3 years and instantly could jump after the healing session in class. It was like a miracle."
"Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner, one more angel in the family." JEHAN, UAE
“Out of my 26 years of marriage, the later half was filled with bitter quarrels and unhappiness which I felt had damaged my relationship beyond reconciliation. My children grew up seeing us frequently quarrelling which also affected their health and well being. It was hard for them to believe that we were the same people who were once in love and had decided to get married.The interesting thing in such a situation is that each party feels like the victim. Being a stubborn person I refused to acknowledge the suffering of my husband and was in my own world of self pity and despair.
I am blessed to have met my mentor and teachers Mr. Sumant Kant Kaul and Mr. Sumeet Kant Kaul who made come out of "poor me syndrome" and take responsibility of my karma. I have attended all the seminars in the last six years and the greatest benefit is the compassion and appreciation I have started feeling for my husband. The Karma healing technique and meditations help me maintain high vibration at all times and manage my karma mindfully. My husband and I enjoy a much better understanding and family harmony now.''

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