Becoming a VISIBLE Woman

Saturday  11 August  2018  8:30 AM    Saturday  11 August  2018 12:30 PM
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Last update 12/08/2018

Does it feel like you aren't living up to the promise of your potential and the professional opportunities you might deserve continue to not come your way? Or they are right there, but here you are, busy overthinking and hesitating if you should put your hand up. We've all been there.

How would it feel if you could:

>> Speak up and have people listen and respect your opinions
>> Feel the confidence that can help you take that next step
>> Know how to convey your talents and value to others
>> Be seen and recognised for our ideas and competence
>> Learn to grow your network, so you have the support you need

All of this is part of this powerful half-day workshop!

Most professional women get stuck with these FOUR roadblocks in their career:

> Fall invisible in so much noise, and struggle to stand apart
> Fail to focus on and build their influence as a professional
> Forget to expand their network and keep stepping up
> Fumble with leadership language that can elevate their career

Many women don't have the careers they deserve because they don't know the strategies that can help jumpstart their professional lives. If you knew those strategies then you might even create opportunities for growth and progress. 

Success in our career goals is not just about how qualified and experienced we might be, it's also about our internal sense of confidence, leadership and influence. Not to mention, our networks.


You will benefit the most out of this workshop if you are a professional woman with an aspirational mindset whose looking to:

1. Find a progressive, comfortable and welcoming space to be at
2. Discover your confidence and how you can leverage more of it
3. Clarify what leadership means at a personal level for you
4. Learn strategies to grow your influence in ways that feel right
5. Learn tips and shortcuts to expand your network in a short time
6. Ask questions that are important for you to gain more clarity
7. Know what to avoid as you aspire to grow and make progress

The idea is not to take forever to get to your goals and aspirations, the fun part is to cut through the confusion and noise, and keep forging ahead. For that, you need help, support and an experienced hand to guide you.

So, come on over. As women, we need to STEP UP and STEP OUT ladies. Your time is now!

Looking at having a small group for this workshop, so we can have deeper conversations. Get you ticket today!

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