Weekly Community Yoga with Robyn Lau at APW Bangsar

Saturday  16 March  2019  9:00 AM    Saturday  16 March  2019 10:00 AM
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Last update 17/03/2019

Explore what yoga is and how to practice it in this weekly Community (free) Yoga Class. If you haven’t taken a yoga class before, this is a relaxing opportunity to learn, as you will be in the company of other beginners and in the hands of a certified yoga teacher. If you have a regular yoga practice on your own, you are also welcome to join this class to share your practice. In community yoga classes, we get to spend time with people who may not have crossed our paths or even tried yoga otherwise. The time together in these spaces, heart to heart, is a profound experience for both yoga teachers and students.
Each class is a safe and accessible introduction to yoga: how to practice, what to pay attention to, what to expect, and how to continue to achieve results.
Come with comfortable exersice clothings (shoes are not required). As this is a community class in a non-yoga studio setting, mats are not provided, so please bring your own.
No sign-ups or fees are required. Anyone is welcome to join. However, if you are currently suffering from any illness, recovering from an injury or currently pregnant, please inform the teacher before class begins.

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APW Bangsar
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APW Bangsar
Jalan Riong, Bangsar, KL, Malaysia