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Monday  30 September  2013
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Boys and girls are you ready for our WELCOME WEEK?!
We hope you will feel the spirit of Belgrade !
This is what is waiting for you. :))
Welcome Week:

30.09.2013. - City tour
This is the great opportunity to get to know the most beautiful streets, buildings, monuments, and get some insight into their historical significanced! It is a good idea to find out more about city in which you will spend incoming months.
An experienced guide will take you on the tour.
Don't want to wait that long? Excellent, we'll hit Belgrade streets on Monday 23th as well!

01.10.2013. - Bowling
We are inviting you on a bowling game! Who is the best player, who can make more strokes? Don't forget, that it's not about competition, but having a good time together playing this game.

02.10.2013. - Pub
The introducing week is going to other side and your bag of experience is almost full. Full of lot of knowlege how to find a way between old town beautiful buildings and how to kich others in bowling and now it is time to put that all together and show your best in one more task - Pub crew !

03.10.2013. - International day
Let's find out the most interesting things about diffrent countries all together ! The goal of this event is to give you opportunity to present your homeland and get to know about others countries.
For ones who wants to participate: BE CREATIVE! Take interesting things about your country with you. Show others your culture, traditions, famous places, offer to taste some sweats, traditional food or drinks, turn on some traditional music, or teach some traditional dances. You can show pictures, presantations, videos, tell stories... You can fell free to present your country in any way you which seems interesting and attractive to you.

04.10.2013. - Traditional dinner
Skadarlija is very popular place among people in Serbia, visitors and natives. It's not only place where you can eat, but Serbian centre of street art.

06.10.2013. - Shhh IT'S PARTY TIMEEE !

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