Women's circle with Theresa Fowler

Wednesday  24 April  2019  6:30 PM
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Last update 25/04/2019

We have grown up in a society that has conditioned us into believing toxic ideologies like:
- [ ] Our bodies are something to be ashamed of;
- [ ] Our bodies must fit the marketing ideal;
- [ ] Our bodies need ridiculous (and many times toxic) products in order to be acceptable (to whom exactly, I ask?);
- [ ] Our bodies are a sort of flesh prison that we need to change or else we won’t feel confident;
- [ ] Our bodies have to be perfect in order for us to be happy (when perfection doesn’t exist and diversity is what we need to celebrate).
We are souls living in a human bodies. And our souls came to play this third-dimensional (3D) game of life in human form. Our souls also chose the human bodies they reside in. Which is why body acceptance is an integral part of loving yourself.
You live with your body everyday. Avoiding your connection with it only pulls your mind away from your heart centre, causing stress, self sabotage, anxiety and other physical and mental challenges. And if you have daughters especially, you are passing on this energy to them.
This women’s circle will be a celebration of seeing your unique beauty through the eyes of others. It’s all about loving ourselves completely. The days of comparison and self-flagellation are over.
Your little women are more than welcome to join us. ????????????????????
Theresa Fowler, The Thought Shifter
Exchange - rm50
Doors open 6.30pm
Circle from 7 to 8.30pm

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The Bodymind Centre
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The Bodymind Centre
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