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The 1st meeting of the World Society for Virology will provide a forum for discussion of different disciplines of virology not only in human

The WSV meeting will feature many keynote speakers from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America who will discuss recent advances in virology.

The meeting will focus on the challenges of continuous emergence of virus infections that threatens humans and animals. For this reason, we have formed a joint virology community with its members communicating together and exchanging ideas. The meeting will be the first physical meeting of this community following the recent foundation and launching of the web-site of the WSV. Since its recent foundation, WSV have officially made partnerships with eight various national societies of virology, including the Indian Virological Society, Colombian Assoc. Virology,Mexican virology networking Finnish Society for Study of Infectious Diseases ,Societas biochemica, biophysica et microbiologica Fenniae,Chinese Society for Virology-Division of the Chinese Society for Microbiology, La Société Marocaine de Virologie (SMaV) and Swedish Society of Virology (SSV). The intended meeting and planning of future common activities will be of interest to a broad range of virologists worldwide in a manner that stimulates collaboration among scientists.


The meeting will allow the first physical meeting of the steering group (board) and their selected lab-members of the WSV with the aim to further improve the global activities of the society. Each board member will be allowed an oral presentation of their latest scientific achievements to stimulate further interactions.

What information You’ll get:

  • You will get information about different topics for virology
  • You will meet the founder and the different managing committee members of the WSV

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Meeting Managers:

Ahmed S. Abdel-Moneim & Kristina Broliden

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Karolinska Institute
Solnavägen 1, Hagalund, 171 77, Stockholms län, Sweden
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